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Entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries approach me all the time. They're frustrated when it comes to bringing their business to life with a beautiful brand identity, online/social media presence, logo, and website...


Especially when it comes to getting in front of their ideal clients and customers, they want to make sure their online presence and brand is a reflection of their products and services. 


They're doing things like:


- Trying to make their own logo

- Throwing together a website 

- Creating social media graphics

- Creating flyers, business cards, etc

- Trying to make it all match and flow


And trying to do this all yourself can be frustrating, inefficient, and costly…


I understand that your business is an extension of you, and it needs to look perfect. 


When we build your powerful brand identity together, you will be able to …


✔ Confidently market your products and services


✔ Look as professional and credible on the outside as you are on the inside


✔ Attract your perfect customers with your irresistible brand 


That vision you have in your mind? Let’s bring it to life together. Your perfect brand deserves to be born so you can build a thriving business that captivates your soon to be customers. 


And the best part? 


My 4 Step Design Process only takes 30 days to complete from start to finish. You are 30 days away from a captivating brand identity your customers will love. 


Book a Strategy Call with me here to see how I can help you:

Step 1: Identity Intake Session

At first, we go deep into what your business is, identify your ideal customer, and paint the picture for what will draw them into your business. In short, we help you craft a nerve-striking brand identity that captivates your audience.

Step 2: The Branding Foundations

Then, I get to work on crafting logo designs to fit your perfect brand. From the colors to the design, I make sure your logo speaks directly to your target audience and embodies your company vision.

Step 3: Stationery Design

Following the logo design, once that has been solidified, I craft the rest of the marketing materials around the brand identity from the logo. From business cards to letterheads, envelopes and more, you will have the branding and design kit for all of your stationery.

Step 4: Website & Branded Social Media Presence

Finally, the online presence of your business will come to life. From the design elements of the logo, I incorporate the same look and feel with fonts, colors, and design elements into your website design and into your social media graphics.



Hi, my name is Rachel, owner of Rachel Miller Designs, and I help small businesses bring their brand identity to life with my 4 Step Design Process. My ultimate goal is to help business owners translate ideas into reality. With a decade of education in the design field and over six years of experience working with clients in my own design business, I can confidently say I am a branding and design specialist. Several businesses have attracted customers with their new brand identity utilizing my 4 Step Design Process. Previous clients include shop owners, coaches, medical professionals, stylists, and more. I am extremely passionate about empowering small businesses with the captivating brand they need to succeed and attract their dream customers.


Apply for a free discovery call with Rachel and see how she can help you bring your vision to life: